Field Assistants for Grasshopper Ecology in Western Montana

are seeking undergraduates or college graduates who are interested in ecological research, are detail-oriented, enjoy working outdoors as part of a team, and can live cooperatively with others. The positions will be associated with Gary Belovsky’s long-term (30+ years) experimental project in Montana grasslands (NSF: LTREB).  This study uses field experiments to understand how food and predators influence grasshopper behavior and ecology in combination with varying climate.  Field assistants will help with the field portion of this project on the National Bison Range, Moiese, MT.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The position is 90% + fieldwork.  Paid research assistants will help set up (assemble experiments, catch grasshoppers and stock experiments), monitor, and take down experiments.  Daily work will include monitoring grasshopper densities in the experiments, maintaining experimental cages, and sampling vegetation and soils.  Assistants will gain experience with a wide variety of ecological field techniques, including insect enclosures, quantification of herbivore damage and plant growth, and grasshopper behavior.  Assistants also will learn relevant principles of experimental and sampling design in field ecology, as well as identification of key insects and plants in Palouse Prairie grasslands.

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. enrolled in or graduated from a program in ecology, biology, entomology, conservation biology or related field (or equivalent combination of training and experience), 2. ability to learn identification of grasshoppers and prairie flora, including grasses, quickly, 3. the ability to deal with a flexible work schedule (i.e., work around weather conditions and phenology of grasshoppers), 4. demonstrated ability to work independently and with other crew members in a professional manner while maintaining a positive and safe work environment, 5. valid Driver’s License.

APPLICATION DETAILS: 2 positions: One position starts May 15 and ends September 30, 2019.  Second position starts Aug 5 and ends Sept 30, 2019. Shared housing is provided near the research site.

For full consideration, apply by April 5, 2019 (closing date is April 15, 2019). Please send cover letter, resume and contact information for 3 references (name, position, phone, e-mail) to Jennifer Belovsky (

Hiring is through the University of Notre Dame.  The University of Notre Dame is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

For more information visit the Belovsky labpage – –