Summer 2019 courses at Shoals Marine Lab, Appledore Island, Maine

Please consider, or pass along, to interested students opportunities for several summer classes at Shoals Marine Lab, located on Appledore Island, Maine, which is part of the beautiful Isles of Shoals.

The following are a listing of the available courses for summer 2019. Shoals Marine Lab is a unique place to spend 2 or more weeks learning about a number of varied, interesting, and informative disciplines. Please pass along!


-Field Ornithology, Dr. Kristen Covino, 05/24/2019-06/07/2019

-Applied Science Communication, Dr. Mark Sarvary & Ms. Kitty Gifford, 05/27/2019-06/10/2019

-Field Wildlife Forensics, Dr. Wayne Lord, Dr. Bob Kenney, Dr. Bill Rodriguez, Dr. Inga Sidor, Kama King, 06/03/2019-6/10/2019

-Marine Mammal Biology, Dr. Nadine Lysiak & Dr. Andrea Bogomolni, 06/10/2019-06/24/2019

-Marine Parasitology and Disease**, Dr. April Blakeslee & Dr. Amy Fowler, 06/10/2019-06/24/2019

-Sustainable Fisheries, Dr. Erik Chapman, Owen Nichols, Lindsey Williams, 06/10/2019-06/24/2019

-Climate Change and the Gulf of Maine, Dr. Drew Bush, 06/24/2019-07/01/2019

-Field Marine Invertebrate Biology, Dr. Justin McAlister & Dr. Scott Santagata, 06/24/2019-07/08/2019         -Evolution and Marine Diversity, Dr. Warren Allmon, Dr. Jan Factor, Dr. Matt Hare, 06/27/2019-7/15/2019

-Coastal Habitat Field Research Methods, Dr. Gregg Moore, 07/01/2019-07/15/2019

-Investigative Marine Biology Laboratory, Dr. Douglas Fudge & Andy Turko, 07/15/2019-07/29/2019

-Marine Ecological Genomics, Dr. David Plachetzki, 07/15/2019-07/29/2019

-Integrated Ecosystem Research and Management, Dr. Mike Sigler, Dr. Chris Siddon, Dr. Elizabeth Siddon, Dr. Jennifer Seavey, 07/15/2019-07/29/2019

-Introduction to Sustainable Engineering, Dr. Nancy Kinner, Dr. Martin Wosnik, 07/25/2019-07/29/2019

-Research in Biology, Andrew Swafford, 07/29/2019-08/12/2019

-Ecology and the Marine Environment, Dr. Jan Factor, Dr. Rick Zechman, Dr. Jed Sparks, 07/29/2019-08/12/2019

-Shark Biology and Conservation, Dr. Heather Marshall, 07/29/2019-08/12/2019

-Surveying Sustainability, Dr. Vanessa Levesque & Dr. Cameron Wake, 07/29/2019-08/05/2019

-Underwater Research, Dr. Jarrett Byrnes, 07/29/2019-08/12/2019

Marine Immersion, Dr. Jessica Bolker & Dr. Jason Goldstein, UNH pre-freshmen only, 08/12/2019-08/19/2019

**I of course need to make a plug for the course I will be co-teaching: Marine Parasitology & Disease (6/10-6/24). Come learn all about the importance of parasites in marine systems!