REU in Plant Invasion Ecology

REU, Plant Invasion Ecology

Syracuse University: The Fridley Lab at Syracuse University is seeking a motivated undergraduate student interested in gaining research experience in plant ecology as part of a research team investigating mechanisms of plant invasions in forests and fields of the Northeast U.S. The research is part of a study that examines potential changes in leaf physiology when plants are introduced to North America from home ranges in France and Japan. The undergraduate project will be based in Syracuse and will examine plant metabolism and nutrient dynamics in both the lab and field locations around NY State. Activities will depend on the interests of the student but will likely involve greenhouse plant propagation, lab and field gas exchange measurements, and plant tissue analysis. Students will be provided with a $6000 stipend for living expenses over the 12-wk duration starting approximately May 20 (start and end dates are flexible). Relevant experience and ecology- or plant biology-related coursework is desirable but not required. Application instructions are at   Deadline: April 12th, 2019.