Physical Science Technician in Acadia National Park

Do you have experience collecting water and air quality data? Would you

like to do so in a beautiful location and as part of a long term monitoring

program? If so, please submit an application to be considered for a

temporary, seasonal GS6 position (NTE 1039 hours) located at Acadia

National Park. The position announcement can be found here


* and is open until

March 6th 2019.

The position is located in Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, ME.

This position is shared between the NPS

Inventory and Monitoring program

and the Resource Management team at Acadia National Park, working primarily

in the water and air resources program. The incumbent may occasionally be

asked to assist one of the other disciplines within the division of

Resource Management, and will work either independently or alongside other

NPS staff. Water resources work will include taking field measurements of

water quality parameters such as pH, conductivity, temperature, clarity,

dissolved oxygen, and water quantity (lake water level, stream discharge)

in park lakes and streams; collecting water samples from lakes and streams

for chemical and bacteriological analysis at contract labs, and collecting

samples of benthic stream macroinvertebrates. Air resources work includes

operational checks, maintenance, and calibration of visibility,

particulate, deposition, and climatological sampling equipment. The

position also involves calibrating and maintaining equipment in field and

lab sites, conducting simple laboratory analyses, entering information into

electronic databases and spreadsheets, compiling and analyzing information

for use in interim and annual reports. The incumbent may occasionally

collaborate or communicate with other state, federal and private

cooperators or researchers working with the park on monitoring programs or

research investigations with air, water, wildlife, vegetation, and other

resource programs. This position requires use of a variety of vehicles,

equipment, and watercraft to conduct these activities.

*IMPORTANT: Your qualification will be evaluated on the following

competencies/knowledge, skill, abilities, and other characteristics:*

·        Ability to collect, analyze, and compile chemical, hydrological,

and biological data as part of a multidisciplinary water quality program.

·        Knowledge of monitoring and analyzing a variety of air quality

constituents including gaseous pollutants, fine particulates, and

atmospheric deposition.

·        Ability to conduct assignments safely in field and office settings.

·        Ability to participate as a member of natural resource program.

Please contact me directly by email with any questions.



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