Loyola University Chicago’s new Master of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability

This fall, Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability will be

launching a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability

(MSESS)  with

two tracks of study. The *MS in Environmental Science and Sustainability *is

an interdisciplinary degree that integrates the sciences, social sciences,

and humanities and will equip students with the skills and knowledge to

develop sustainability related solutions to environmental challenges.

Students choose between two tracks:

· The *Research Track


is geared toward students who wish to pursue doctoral studies after

obtaining a master’s degree. Students will research, write, and defend a

thesis under the supervision of a faculty research advisor.

· The *Professional Track


is ideal for recent college graduates and continuing professionals who

want flexible options to expand their knowledge, experience, career

options, and ability to make a difference. Students will complete electives

in environmental science or sustainable society and business courses, as

well as completing one of two concentration areas: Sustainability

Assessment and Reporting or Environmental Law and Policy.

*Students in both tracks will complete core courses addressing the global

and interdisciplinary aspects of environmental sustainability by focusing

on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Ecosystem

Assessment Report.*

IES also offers graduate certificates

. These

certificates are designed for students who want a flexible and efficient

way to expand their education. Attend class on your time, through 8-week,

fully online asynchronous graduate courses.

· *The Sustainability Assessment and Planning Certificate* provides

students with valuable skills for professionals who want to better

understand how organizations can – and do – measure, regulate and report

their own natural resource use. Students will develop essential skills

used by sustainability professionals in government, industry, non-profit,

and other institutions striving to improve and document their

sustainability impact

· *The Environmental Law and Policy Certificate *allows students

to understand how laws and environmental policies shape our use of

resources, prioritize sustainability issues and impact environmental and

socio-economic issues. Students will understand how these impacts resonate

in the corporate, government and non-profit spheres.

Join IES and strive to become environmental leaders with the courage to

define and confront the century’s greatest challenges.

All the best,

Ray Dybzinski

Assistant Professor, IES