Ecological Monitoring Field Technicians

GBI is recruiting Ecological Monitoring Field Technicians to work with

agency staff, GBI staff, and a GBI Ecological Monitoring Field Lead. Each

Field Technician will participate in a field crew (one Lead and two

Technicians) to characterize vegetation using the terrestrial AIM protocol,

Describing/Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health (D/IIRH), the

Habitat Assessment Framework (HAF) protocol, and/or the Proper Functioning

Condition (PFC) protocol, for which training will be provided. The

particular protocols implemented will vary by location.

Duties include following established field protocols to conduct vegetation

sampling and field data collection on new and existing monitoring sites.

Field data will be used by resource specialists and land managers to inform

decisions regarding range management and other resource management issues

of the area. During periods of field work, camping will be required.

To learn more and apply please follow the link below:

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Recruitment and Compliance Coordinator

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