Graduate Student Opportunity in Pollinator Ecology at New Mexico State University

The Global Change Ecology Lab (GCEL) within the Department of Biology, New Mexico State University, led by Dr. Scott Ferrenberg, is seeking a graduate student interested in pollinator ecology and climate change. This position will begin in the fall of 2019 and will be supported by a research assistantship as part of an NSF funded research network. Students interested in insect species distribution models, characterization of ecological niches, and understanding population dynamics of important pollinators in the face of global change pressures are encouraged to apply. This position will provide opportunities to utilize interdisciplinary approaches to the characterization of ecological niches of important bee species, including physiology, genomics, and quantitative biology.

Interested, potential applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Ferrenberg at   to inquire further about the lab and research opportunities. Please include a letter of interest that states: 1) general research and career goals, 2) if you are interested in obtaining an M.S. or Ph.D., and 3) experience in the applicable fields/disciplines related to this position. In addition, applicants must provide a current curriculum vitae and unofficial transcripts. Official applications for admission to the NMSU graduate school for Fall 2019 are due on 15 April. More information about the GCEL can be found at and about NMSU’s Department of Biology can be found at