Graduate position: MississippiStateU.2.ButterflyEvo

The Counterman lab at Mississippi State University is looking to recruit two highly motivated Ph.D. students interested in (1) evolutionary development, or (2) evolutionary genomics.

Currently funded research projects in the lab are focused on the genetic basis of adaptive variation and developmental plasticity in butterfly wing color patterns. We are particularly recruiting students interested in studying (1) the developmental pathways involved in structural coloration, or (2) the molecular evolution of gene families and networks across Lepidoptera. Current work on color pattern development focuses on Heliconius and several other butterfly species in collaboration with Ryan Range at Auburn University. Current work on the evolution of gene families involved in adaptive divergence of butterflies is in collaboration with Federico Hoffmann at Mississippi State University. Students will also have opportunities to work closely with collaborators at the University of Puerto Rico (Riccardo Papa), George Washington University (Arnaud Martin), and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama (Owen McMillan).

Mississippi State University is home to a strong group of faculty researching evolution and genomics. The Department of Biological Sciences hosts an excellent graduate program in biology, and a new interdisciplinary, cross-college graduate program in computational biology is currently being established. MSU is located in Starkville, a quaint southern college town with a historic downtown district that celebrates the local music and cuisine. For more information on the Counterman lab please visit the lab website: ( Interested students are encouraged to email Brian  Counterman ( Please include a brief description of your research interests and a CV in your email. The target date for applications for Fall 2019 admission to is March 31, 2019.