Are you interested in gaining field research experience and learning
about the ecology and evolution of plants and plant-animal interaction
in fragmented prairie? The Echinacea Project is offering positions for
students and soon-to-be graduates, including several NSF-funded summer
REU positions at our field site in Minnesota, and a 12-month internship
in Minnesota for the summer and at the Chicago Botanic Garden for the
off-season. With the Echinacea Project, you will survey natural plant
populations, measure plant traits in experimental plots, observe and
collect insects, and assist in all aspects of research. Interns will
have the option to do an independent research project. We have diverse
potential projects for students with backgrounds in plant ecology,
pollination biology, evolution, statistics, conservation, and computer
science. In the past, researchers have conducted on a variety of topics
including invasive species, prairie restoration, and plant-herbivore

No experience is necessary, but you must be enthusiastic, hard-working,
and always willing to learn new things. Expect working in the tallgrass
prairie for up to 8 hours a day. Housing is provided and there is a
stipend. REU participants will do an independent research project.

Information about our positions for summer 2019 (starting in June)
can be found at https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fechinaceaproject.org%2Fopportunities%2F&data=02%7C01%7Cpamela.diggle%40uconn.edu%7Ce3072dfc838341e3138308d680474e17%7C17f1a87e2a254eaab9df9d439034b080%7C0%7C0%7C636837441081831379&sdata=4T5D4hOIDVD8K5HOFrNWGJJ9WOy0OuTZtZJ%2Fx3nm4uo%3D&reserved=0. Review of
applications will begin on February 28th for REU positions, and March
7th for other positions. Please feel free to email us with any questions
you may have.

Michael LaScaleia
Research Assistant
Chicago Botanic Garden
email: echinaceaproject@gmail.com

Michael LaScaleia <mlascaleia@chicagobotanic.org>