SUMMER NSF REU- does color in frogs affect fungal infections

How color polymorphisms in frogs affect vulnerability to fungal infection

The Johnson Laboratory ( is accepting a qualified undergraduate NSF REU applicant for our field crew in the Bay Area of California beginning in May 11 (some flexibility) and concluding in early August 2019.

The Johnson laboratory has made it our mission to sincerely commit to promoting diversity! This search is open to all student candidates (that will not graduate prior to June 2019) from any race, color, religion, ethnic, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, or veteran status especially those from underrepresented groups in science.

Project details: A field-based investigation into the role of host color in amphibian body temperature and infection susceptibility: The primary objective for this project is understand the relationship between amphibian color, host thermal profile, and infection. The student will investigate this topic using broad-scale field surveys in central California ponds, a region that is ideal for addressing these questions because of previously documented heterogeneity in Bd prevalence and intensity both among ponds and through time.
            The selected REU student will work closely with our collaborative field team in the California Bay Area, where our research into amphibian disease ecology is focused. They will be stationed at the UC Reserve Blue Oaks Ranch, which provides housing, laboratory facilities, and a vibrant academic atmosphere. During this time, the student will gain experience in sampling aquatic ecosystems, including techniques for censusing amphibians and other aquatic organisms. This will include performing additional field sampling techniques including but not limited to: dipnets, seines, visual surveys, snail parasite identification, and pathogen swabbing. In addition, this individual will be expected to assist with daily record keeping and equipment maintenance Along with gaining experience in general field techniques the REU will quantify patterns of Bd infection, host color, and temperature of captured frogs.

To apply: Email an application package that should include (1) a brief statement of interest detailing how obtaining an REU would advance your career goals; (2) a description of related previous research; (3) a statement of how you will support diversity and inclusion in our field team, and finally (4) a current CV. Please compile the application package into a single PDF and email to with the subject title (COLOR REU application) by February 11th, 2018.

*Please remember ONLY undergraduates that will be continuing their education in fall 2019 can apply*