PhD Microplastics – New Zealand

PhD opportunity – Microplastics


The Institute of Marine Science (IMS) and the School of Environment at the University of Auckland are looking for an excellent and highly motivated scientist with keen interests in the fundamental processes that may affect the distribution and fate of microplastics and their effect on various soft sediment ecosystem functions.

We are offering a fully funded interdisciplinary PhD project to investigate the interactions between microphytobenthos (MPB), microplastics in soft sediments and biological and physical processes at the sediment-water interface.


Desired skills and experience

This project is interdisciplinary therefore experience in experimental research (field and laboratory) in the areas of environmental engineering and/or benthic ecology would be highly desirable, as well as a motivated mindset.

A mixture of field surveys and manipulative experiments, flume experiments and the development of a machine-learning model may be used to couple various biological and physical processes to microplastic distribution and benthic ecosystem functioning.

The candidate is expected to develop their own research goals with the help of the PI Dr Julie Anne Hope (IMS). The candidate will also benefit from the additional support of Assoc. Prof Giovanni Coco (CO-I, School of Environment) andProf. Simon Thrush (CO-I, IMS) during different phases of the project. Work may be based between the city campus and/or the Leigh Marine Laboratory on the North Island of New Zealand.

To apply for this position, potential candidates should send a cover letter, a short research proposal for this project with details of the research that they would like to do (1 page max) and an up to date CV to Jaime Rowntree,

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