PhD or MS opportunity in coral reef fisheries at University of Rhode Island

I am seeking a PhD or MS student interested in studying how coral reef fisheries respond to reef restoration, and what this means for local food security. The research site is located in Indonesia on a small island community in the Spermonde archipelago. One goal of the research will be to work with local collaborators to monitor the fishers and their catch in response to the coral restoration activities and associated fisheries management actions. Another will be to track the flow of fish from point of capture to consumption. Examples of tangible research outputs from the work may include: a length-based assessment of a subset of target fish species caught by fishers; a characterization of the nutritional benefits derived from the fish being caught and consumed.

For more details about the position, please seeĀ For questions, please contact Austin Humphries at The deadline for applications is December 29, 2018.