Applications for 2019 Plant Genome Research Summer Internship

BTI Intern News

November 2018

2019 Plant Genome Research Program
Now Accepting Applications!

Greetings from BTI!

The 2019 Plant Genome Research Program Summer Internship at the Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell University is now seeking undergraduate and local high school applicants! We are requesting your assistance in sharing this opportunity broadly with your students and relevant departments.

For the past 18 years, BTI has been hosting a summer internship providing an outstanding student-development program that focuses on training and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Located on the Cornell University campus, BTI is a world leader in plant research and is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to feed a growing population, while protecting the environment and enhancing human health. The summer internship programs at BTI offer students an unmatched opportunity to gain real-life experience in plant science research and bioinformatics.

Please pass this opportunity on to your qualified students!

You can easily share this opportunity by using the social media links below. Or, access and share our new 2019 BTI Summer Internship Poster!

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