Quantitative research technician position, marine fisheries (Portland, ME)

Subject: Quantitative research technician position, marine fisheries (Portland, ME)

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, ME, is seeking
applicants for a full-time Research Technician to assist with
statistical analyses and modeling of fish population and marine
ecosystem data.  The work will span multiple research projects that
focus on understanding changes in the Gulf of Maine / North Atlantic
marine ecosystems and projecting future population and ecosystem
features based on scenarios of climate change, fishing, and other
drivers of interest.  Projects use a range of analytical approaches;
some focus on statistical analyses, while others will develop and test
population, ecosystem, and coupled social-ecological models.

Core Responsibilities/Tasks:
·         Manage large and diverse data sets
·         Conduct statistical analyses (including time series,
spatial, and multivariate statistics)
·         Develop and test population, ecosystem, or coupled
social-ecological models
·         Manage code for manipulating and processing data in
accessible and well documented manners
·         Perform literature reviews
·         Contribute to writing of project reports and manuscripts

Required Qualifications:
•       Master’s (preferred) or Bachelor’s degree in scientific field
that included quantitative coursework
•       Knowledge of oceanography, marine ecology, or fisheries science
•       Strong quantitative skills, including experience with
statistical analyses (e.g., regression, time series, spatial, and/or
multivariate statistics) and ecological modeling
•       Proficient programmer in R
•       Previous experience managing data sets
•       Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple
tasks and timelines
•       Strong verbal and written communication skills
•       Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a team
•       Available to start in early 2019

Other Preferred Qualifications:
•        Experience fitting models to data for fisheries stock
assessment and/or experience in simulation modeling
•        Experience working with satellite data or climate model outputs
•        Familiarity with marine fisheries, protected resources, or
spatial planning in New England
•        Proficient user of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL or
other databases
•        Familiarity with additional programming languages, such as
MATLAB, Python

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Closing date for applications is Dec. 14