Graduate position: AuburnU.EvolutionaryEcol

PhD position in Evolutionary Ecology of Sex Differences

Beginning Fall 2019

Drs. Warner (
and Wolak (
at Auburn University are looking for a PhD student to co-advise that
is motivated to develop projects addressing key outstanding questions
in evolutionary ecology. The student will develop and test theory for
the evolution of sex determination and physiological or phenotypic
differences between sexes using a combination of experimental and
observational studies of turtles and/or lizards.

We encourage all interested students to contact us, by sending a CV and
***brief*** description of research interests to ***both*** Dr. Warner
(daw0036 <at> and Dr. Wolak (terps <at> PhD
students are expected to develop their own research questions within
the broader context outlined above. Students will also be expected to
aggressively pursue fellowship and research funding opportunities and
publish their research in high quality journals.

**Deadline** for admission to the program with guaranteed
support (10 semesters of Graduate Teaching Assistantships,
GTAs) is **February 1st**. More information is available
on the webpages of the Dept. of Biological Sciences
and DBS Graduate Studies Program

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