Graduate position: WesternKentuckyU.EvolutionaryColdPhysiology

The Bilyk Lab at Western Kentucky University is recruiting MS students to
start in the Fall 2019 semester.  We work at the interface of physiology
and evolutionary biology to understand how the biology of animals has
been reshaped by extreme environments. We address this question using a
combination of organismal physiology, functional biochemistry, genomics,
and bioinformatics. Our current work focuses on a variety of animals that
have been “stuck in the cold,” investigating the biological challenges of
living at freezing temperatures, the mechanisms through which these are
surmounted, and the physiological impacts of evolving in constant cold.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Kevin Bilyk
( Formal application and acceptance to the MS program
at Western Kentucky University is required and qualified candidates can
receive two years of TA stipend, a tuition waiver, and contributions
towards health insurance benefits.

Dr. Kevin Bilyk
Western Kentucky University