Job: UPittsburgh.AnimalCareTechnician

The Stephenson Lab at the University of Pittsburgh, Dietrich School of

Arts & Sciences, is seeking a technician to manage animal (fish) care,
maintenance of laboratory equipment, purchase supplies, and help
supervise undergraduate lab assistants. This position will also be
responsible for generating and analyzing data for ongoing projects on
host-parasite ecology and evolution (guppy-Gyrodactylus) and providing
technical assistance to other personnel involved in these projects who
are using similar techniques. Excellent communication skills,
experience with fish maintenance (particularly in recirculating systems
such as Aquaneering) and basic molecular techniques are preferred. The
incumbent will help train new personnel who are recruited to the
project and help supervise the efforts of undergraduates. The Dietrich
School of Arts & Sciences is committed to building a culturally diverse
staff. The role requires excellent interpersonal and
relationship-building skills and the ability to work effectively with a
wide range of individuals and constituencies in support of a diverse
community. Research in the Stephenson Lab focusses on disease
evolutionary ecology. We are interested in the factors that influence
infectious disease transmission in natural populations. For directly
transmitted parasites, transmission between conspecific hosts is
largely determined by host social behaviour. Our research focusses on
how biotic and abiotic conditions modify this social behaviour. Work in
the lab mostly uses the guppy and its gyrodactylid parasites to
investigate how changes in these ecological conditions, and hence
transmission, may drive evolutionary change in both the host and
parasite. More information about the lab can be found at, and about the position at For more information or to
make an informal inquiry about the position, please send a CV and a
cover letter to Jess Stephenson ( Review of
applications will begin immediately. The position will remain open
until the right candidate is found.

“Stephenson, Jessica F” <>