Job: UVirginia.ResTech.ParasiteEvolution

The Gibson lab in the Biology Department at the University of Virginia
is hiring a research technician to help in lab management and research.

The lab studies parasites as drivers of evolutionary change in wild,
artificial, and agricultural systems. To test evolutionary and ecological
hypotheses, we synthesize data from field observations and experimental
manipulations, with guidance from theoretical models and experimental
evolution. Our current study organisms include the free-living nematode
Caenorhabditis elegans and its natural parasites, plus plant-parasitic
nematodes of the genus Meloidogyne and their bacterial parasite Pasteuria
penetrans. The person in this position will be responsible for assisting
with the lab’s research projects by conducting experiments and field
collections, coordinating team members, and collecting and analyzing
data. This person will also manage the day-to-day operations of the lab
by maintaining host populations, training and managing undergraduate
researchers, ensuring compliance with environmental safety standards,
and maintaining protocols, lab supplies, and equipment. Start date:
January 2019.

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Amanda Kyle Gibson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA, USA

Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Institute for Advanced Study
Berlin, Germany

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