Graduate position: UKentucky.QuantitativeEvolutionEcol

The Van Cleve Research Group ( in
the Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky is currently
recruiting Ph.D. students to join the lab in Fall 2019. The lab in
generally interested in quantitative and mathematical approaches to
evolutionary biology and ecology. Past and current research areas
include social evolution and other topics in evolutionary ecology,
the evolution of phenotypic plasticity and bet-hedging, and epigenetic
processes including genomic imprinting (see here for publications:

Additionally, the lab aims to be broadly interdisciplinary across complex
biological systems from the molecular to metapopulation scales and welcomes
applicants interested in quantitative approaches and with diverse
backgrounds including (but not limited to) mathematics, physics, computer
science, and economics.

The exact research project topics for potential students are flexible,
though interested individuals should contact Jeremy Van Cleve ( with a CV and short statement of interests before

Applicants should apply to the Department of Biology Graduate program (, and admission guidelines can be found
at: *Stipend, tuition, and medical
insurance, are covered as part of a teaching assistantship* and research
assistantships and fellowships are competitively available.

Questions about the Biology Graduate program can be sent to Van Cleve (<>) or the Director of Graduate studies, David F. Westneat

Please note that applications should be received by ***January 1st 2019***
for full consideration.