MS or PhD Opportunity: Tick-Borne Disease Ecology, University of Maine

A position is open for a graduate student (Master’s or PhD level) to join Dr. Allie Gardner’s lab in the School of Biology and Ecology at the University of Maine (Orono, ME) in January or June 2019. Our lab studies the ecology and dynamics of infectious diseases that are transmitted by arthropod vectors. Supported by a new USDA Resilient Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate grant, the research topic will address the impacts of forest management practices on wildlife communities, blacklegged tick abundance, and tick-borne disease transmission dynamics. The project will use an integrated lab/field research approach, providing opportunities to develop scientific skills that may include but are not limited to experimental design, GIS and spatial analysis, mathematical modeling, and molecular techniques. The student will interact closely with a diverse team of natural and social scientists in the UMaine College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture and the U.S. Forest Service, and students and faculty in a growing One Health and the Environment group at UMaine.
Members of the lab also regularly engage in scientific outreach and research partnerships with private landowners, citizen scientists, and conservation organizations.

The student will be supported by a combination of Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant positions, both of which include a 12-month stipend, tuition waiver, and 50% health insurance coverage. The student may be admitted through the program in 1) Ecology and Environmental Science, 2) Entomology, or 3) Zoology depending upon her/his interests and professional goals. Prior to submitting an application to the UMaine Graduate School, please send inquiries to Dr. Allie Gardner ( with a cover letter discussing your interest in graduate study in ecology and relevant coursework and research experience; a CV including GPA and GRE scores (if available); and names and email contacts for three references. I look forward to hearing from you!

Allison M. Gardner, PhD
School of Biology and Ecology
University of Maine
5722 Deering Hall
Orono, ME 04469