Graduate assistantships in quantitative eco-evolutionary dynamics at the University of Wyoming

Subject: Graduate assistantships in quantitative eco-evolutionary dynamics at the University of Wyoming

The Weiss-Lehman lab is looking for 1-2 graduate students to start in the Program in Ecology at the University of Wyoming for the fall of 2019. Lab research focuses on the eco-evolutionary dynamics of populations responding to global change, including the spatial dynamics of invasive species spread and populations moving in response to climate change. Our research links quantitative models to empirical data through the use of targeted experiments and laboratory microcosms. The lab currently uses microcosms of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, as they can be manipulated in a number of important ways, operate on tractable timelines for graduate projects (~10 generations in a year), and have a high-quality reference genome available. However, I am happy for students to work in other systems as well, so long as the overall questions fit within the scope of the lab’s research. I am looking for students with a strong quantitative background and a demonstrated ability to work independently and in group settings as they develop their own dissertation projects.

If you are interested in joining the lab, please send me an email with a brief statement detailing your interest in the lab and a current CV including your previous research experience, relevant coursework, and GPA. I will also be at the ESA meeting in New Orleans and the ESEB meeting in Montpellier this year to meet in person and discuss research interests and possible projects.

University and Local Environment: The University of Wyoming has a total enrollment of
12,000 full-time students. Students will be housed in the Botany department, with PhD students partaking in the cross-departmental program in ecology. The university is located in Laramie, a small mountain town close to several different mountain ranges providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. It is also within a day’s drive of three national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Rocky Mountain National Park). Laramie has a relatively low cost of living and is within easy driving distance of Colorado’s Front Range corridor (Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver).