Graduate position: UVermont.EvolutionaryGenomicsPhysiology

***PhD Positions in Evolutionary Genomics and Physiology***

The Lockwood Lab at the University of Vermont invites applications for
two PhD positions in evolutionary genomics and physiology. Students
will participate in a set of NSF-funded projects to examine the
genomics and physiology of thermal adaptation in Drosophila
melanogaster. The goal of this work is to integrate genomic mapping,
transcriptomics, protein biochemistry, and confocal fluorescence
microscopy to identify the genetic and physiological bases of
divergence in embryonic thermal tolerance among temperate and tropical
populations. See our recent work in the Journal of Evolutionary
Biology (Lockwood et al. 2018, doi: 10.1111/jeb.13234).

Successful candidates will have strong academic records, meaningful
previous research  experience, and strong interests in evolutionary
genetics, genomics, and ecological physiology. Experience working with
Drosophila is a plus, but not required.

Applicants are also encouraged to apply for acceptance into the QuEST
program at the University of Vermont. QuEST is an NSF-funded National
Research Training grant in Quantitative and Evolutionary STEM training
(QuEST). The QuEST program provides doctoral students with
foundational training in quantitative data analysis and modeling,
fellowship support, and internship placements to apply evolutionary
principles toward solving real-world problems.

For more information about the QuEST program:

The University of Vermont offers a stimulating academic environment,
with a diverse set of faculty in the life sciences and a collaborative
atmosphere that bridges multiple departments. Burlington and the
surrounding area offer a high quality of life, thriving on local food,
music, international culture, and outdoor activities year-round.

Please email inquiries to Please include a CV,
description of your background, and why you are excited about this

Applications are currently being accepted. The application to the
graduate program at University of Vermont can be found here: The application to the QuEST
program can be found here: The deadline to
apply for Fall 2019 is December 15, 2018.

Brent L. Lockwood
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of Vermont


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