Graduate Position: TexasTechU.BighornSheepMicrobiomes

The Phillips Laboratory (Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech
University) is accepting applications from highly motivated individuals
interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Biology, with a research
project focusing on the dynamics of microbiomes in wild populations of
bighorn sheep.  The successful applicant will be an individual that is
excited about the opportunity to integrate bioinformatics, biostatistics,
ecology, and evolutionary biology to understand and publish results about
complex biological systems.  No prior experience in scripting (mainly
bash and R) is required, but only applicants that are serious about
the opportunity to develop advanced scripting capabilities and strong
foundations in biostatistics and ecological principles need apply.
This position is available at the master’s or PhD level, but only
individuals currently holding a master’s degree or with experience
in microbiome research will be considered to enter at the PhD level.
The position will be supported by a Research Assistantship funded by the
Texas Bighorn Society and the Wild Sheep Foundation.  The position also
provides teaching experience in the form of Teaching Assistantships.
Collaboration with researchers in Tech’s Department of Natural Resource
Management will be a part of this position, and research findings may
inform disease risk across portions of bighorn sheep range in Texas.
This position will provide career development through a diverse and
technical training experience.

Applicants should send their CV and a Statement of Interest to Caleb
Phillips (, subject line = bighorn microbiome).