Job: UNebraskaLincoln.2ResTech.DrosophilaEvol

The Meiklejohn lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
( has two open positions for laboratory
research technicians. Technicians will be responsible for contributing
to ongoing scientific research in the lab, overseeing Drosophila stock
maintenance, preparing Drosophila media, ordering reagents and supplies,
and assisting in the training and coordination of undergraduate research
in the lab.  Research will focus on investigation of X-linked hybrid
male sterility in Drosophila, using genetic, gene expression, and
cytological methods to investigate spermatogenesis in sterile hybrid
males.  Applicants must have a BS, BA, or MA degree in biology or a
related field.  Relevant experience includes prior academic training
in genetics and/or evolution, experience with Drosophila husbandry,
familiarity with molecular biology techniques and strong organizational
skills.  Starting annual salary will be between $25 – $30,000 depending
on experience, plus health care benefits.  The expected start date will
be between June and September 2018.  Applications must be received by
May 15 for full consideration, but the positions will remain open until
filled.  Interested applicants should send a cover letter describing
their past research experience and why they are interested in the
position, a resume or CV, and contact information for three references

Colin Meiklejohn <>