Job: UOregon.EvolutionDataCenter.ManagerProgrammer

The Phillips lab in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the
University of Oregon is seeking a Manager for a Data Coordination Center
(DCC) (Research Assistant/Associate) for the three-institute consortium
project, the Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program (CITP). UO
Job #522103.

The Phillips lab conducts research on the structure and evolution of
the genes and genomic elements underlying complex phenotypic traits
such as behavior, sexual reproduction, life history, stress resistance,
and longevity. Through a consortium with Rutgers University and the
Buck Institute, they form the Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing
Program (CITP). The CITP aims to find robust and reproducible chemical
interventions to extend life by testing the effects of chemical
compounds across may strains of the nematode Caenorhabditis and in
multiple laboratories across the country. This is an opportunity to help
translate discoveries in basic science to help improve the quality of
life and human health.

The key responsibilities of the DCC Manager and Developer include:
– Maintaining and updating the project data pipeline from assorted
lifespan and healthspan experiments at the three institutions to the
centralized Filemaker Pro 16 database.
– Working with the PIs and technicians to simplify data quality control
and metadata validation.
– Working with project scientists to provide reports and output files
for statistical analyses.
– Writing or updating existing scripts that allow smooth exporting and
importing of data from one platform to another, as well as defining
new data types as the project implements new health-related measures.
– Working with the consortium institutes on any system-wide updates to
software, operating systems, or specific experimental needs. We are
testing a major upgrade to our Automated Lifepspan system which
requires updating our operating system to Scientific Linux 7.
– Helping to maintain the systems integrity and integration of existing
laboratory data acquisition systems, including our scanner-based
automated lifespan machines.

The CITP project focuses on screening various compounds for their ability
to extend the lifespan and “healthspan” of 21 isolate strains of three
species of nematode worms in the genus Caenorhabditis.

Minimum Requirements
– BSc, MSc (for Assistant) or PhD (for Associate) in computer science,
engineering, mathematics, biology or a related field.
– Proven competence with Filemaker, MySQL, R and standard data
formats in Excel.
– Experience working with scientific data in a multi-institutional or
multi-department environment.

Professional Competencies
– The ability to work as a member of an exciting, interactive team.
– Excellent communication skills.
– Excellent time management skills requiring little direct supervision.
– An interest in the biology of aging, age-related diseases, or

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Patrick C. Phillips, Ph.D.
Acting Executive Director | Professor of Biology
Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact | 541-346-0916

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