Opportunity in the Schultz Lab at UConn EEB

Undergraduate Independent Study Opportunity

Topic: Released and Deceased

When: Starting in the summer or fall 2018

We are looking for a junior or senior undergraduate student to work in the Schultz Laboratory with a graduate student on a project which estimates the biomass of dead discarded fish in marine recreational fisheries in coastal USA. The undergraduate student will work with the graduate student to identify candidate species for the study, download relevant datasets, perform literature searches to find supporting material and then write basic code in R for data manipulation and analysis. The student is required to be either be an EEB major or an NRE major. The preferred candidate should have taken either EEB 2244 and/or NRE 4335, have experience reading primary literature, knowledge of basic statistics and familiarity with R.

Candidates from underrepresented groups in higher education are especially encouraged to apply. Please contact Jacob Kasper via email at jacob.kasper@uconn.edu with cover letter and resume