Master of Science student internship at JFK airport and Hofstra University

Subject: Master of Science student internship at JFK airport and Hofstra University

Available: Partially funded Master of Science student internship at J.F.K airport and Hofstra University GPS tracking diamondback terrapins in Jamaica Bay

We welcome applicants for a paid summer (June-August 2018) Wildlife Management Internship based at J.F.K. airport (NYC) to be used as partial funding for a new M.S. student at nearby Hofstra University.  The internship project (GPS tracking terrapins in Jamaica Bay) is to be the subject of the M.S. thesis. Additional funding may be available from HU to assist with tuition.  The position pays on an hourly basis, the intern can work up to 40 hrs/week.  Pay is determined by school level (1st yr grad school pays less than 2nd yr grad school).  It is likely that the internship will be available for the same student in summer 2019.

Intern Projects/Responsibilities
*       Collect & manage diamondback terrapin data at JFK
*       Capture, mark, and release female terrapins during nesting season at JFK and elsewhere in Jamaica Bay
*       Create a database for satellite data of terrapin locations
*       Train staff on handling and marking terrapins, as needed
*       Assist with other airport wildlife projects, as needed
*       Assist with data entry and management of wildlife strike and wildlife control databases
*       Create round mounts (study skins) for staff training and development

Skills/Qualifications Required
*       Biology-related undergraduate degree
*       Significant and demonstrated skills in math and statistics
*       Wildlife identification
*       Frequent work outdoors
*       Flexible hours based on tides and terrapin nesting schedule
*       Work with live and dead animals
*       Good communication skills
*       Able to work independently
*       Proficient in MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, R, and especially GIS

Additional Information: Must be able to pass 10-yr background check to obtain airport identification badge (fingerprints required)

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Russell Burke ( and Laura Francoeur (