Avian field research assistant

We are seeking field assistants to assist with research on how stressors affect the physiology and behavior of tree swallows in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The project will run from April 1 through late May/early June of 2018. The project, which is coordinated by Dr. Cedric Zimmer and Dr. Maren Vitousek form Cornell University, is part of a large study comparing populations of tree swallows across North America. The responsibilities of research assistants include nest box monitoring, capturing, banding, and collecting blood samples from birds, maintaining behavioral data collection equipment, data entry, and sample preparation. The position is full-time, and necessitates flexibility with work schedule (e.g., weekends, early mornings). The field work often involves long days, with much of the day spent outdoors, so applicants must be prepared for the associated challenges (e.g., exposure to sun and insects). The Tennessee field site is an urban environment, so it is also important that all members of the research team are comfortable interacting with interested citizens. Applicants should have the ability to work both as part of a tight-knit team and independently.
Previous field experience with birds is preferable, but not required. Field research assistants will receive free housing for the duration of the season in a house shared with the other members of the team, and a stipend.

To apply send a CV, a statement of interest, and contact information for two references to cgz8@cornell.edu.