REU Opportunity at Oregon State University/USFS Dorena Genetic Resource Center in Forest Ecology, Physiology and Genetics

Subject: REU Opportunity at Oregon State University/USFS Dorena Genetic Resource Center in Forest Ecology, Physiology and Genetics
We have funding for one enthusiastic student interested in a research experience in forest ecology, physiology and genetics of disease resistance in collaboration with the Still lab at Oregon State University and the USDA Forest Service Dorena Genetic Resource Center in Cottage Grove, OR.
The successful applicant will become part of a research team working to quantify the geographic pattern and frequency of natural genetic resistance of southwestern white pine (Pinus strobiformis) to the non-native invasive pathogen, Cronartium ribicola, across the tree’s range. There is growing concern that many forests will become endangered as a result of climate change, shifting disturbance regimes and invasive pathogens. The broad aim of this collaborative project is to study how the mechanistic processes spanning scales of biological complexity over time and space interact with global change to influence the distribution, gene flow, local adaptation and host-pathogen dynamics in southwestern white pine. Our research utilizes genomic techniques, bioinformatics, and common garden experiments. This is an integrative research program that includes plant growth and physiology measurements in the common gardens at Dorena Genetic Resource Center and greenhouse experiments at Oregon State University, as well as analysis of patterns of resistance using statistical analysis, GIS, and landscape genetics methods. The student will be exposed to various methods and will be expected to develop an independent research project within the scope of the larger research program.
Students will be fully supported for 10 to 11 weeks during the summer of 2018. Funding is provided from an REU supplement to our National Science Foundation Macrosystems Biology grant. A $500 weekly stipend will be provided to the student for food and lodging in the Eugene, OR area. The start of the REU is negotiable with optimal start dates between May 1 and June 17.
To apply please email Johnson and Still an updated copy of your CV (including GPA) and a one page statement of your research interests and experience, as well as goals for your education and career. Applicants should arrange to have one faculty member provide a letter of recommendation (email is fine).
Students with experience in quantitative genetics, physiology, mixed model analysis, GIS and/or bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. Application deadline is 9 March 2018. Feel free to email us with questions.
-Jeremy Johnson, Postdoctoral Research Associate – Dorena Genetic Resource Center:
-Chris Still, Principle Investigator:
Jeremy Johnson
Northern Arizona University
USFS Dorena Genetic Resource Center