PhD opportunity in plant ecophysiology

Subject: PhD opportunity in plant ecophysiology

We are seeking a PhD candidate to be part of a research team at Colorado State University investigating post-fire regeneration in sagebrush steppe and mixed-grass prairie ecosystems. Despite the important role of fire in grassland and shrubland ecosystems, little is known about the physiological effects of fire on belowground tissues of plants.  The candidate will have the opportunity to work with a large team of researchers from USFS-RMRS, USDA-ARS, USGS, and U of WY on a recently funded Joint Fire Science Program Grant.  A major goal of the project is to quantify the physiological impact of heat from fires on resprouting tissues of plants and evaluate the demographic consequences of these disturbances. This work will involve field and lab work (including work with the USFS Fire Lab) and will utilize a range of physiological techniques, bud dissection and/or anatomy, and the development of new methods to measure and characterize bud physiology.  The position will include work in South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming.
Preference will be given to candidates with a M.S. degree in plant ecology and/or plant ecophysiology and those with strong quantitative skills.  We would like to find a student that can begin this spring or early summer.
The PhD candidate will be co-advised by Troy Ocheltree (CSU) and Jacqueline Ott (USFS-RMRS).  Please send a resume and statement of interest to Troy Ocheltree ( if you are interested in this opportunity.