Environment for the Americas Internship: Begich Boggs Alaska

Subject: Environment for the Americas Internship: Begich Boggs Alaska

Visitor Information Assistant: Begich Boggs Visitor Center

Purpose: Environment for the Americas (EFTA) created its internship programs to engage the next generation of diverse youth in conservation. The program is designed to encourage youth to explore careers in natural resources, environmental conservation, interpretation, and scientific research. Interns work side-by- side with managers, educators, and biologists and are responsible for wildlife fieldwork, public outreach, and/or educational programs.

Location: Begich, Boggs Visitor Center, Portage Valley, Chugach National Forest, Alaska Number of Positions: 2 Start Date: Sunday, May 13th End Date: Sat, August 4th (if 60 days worked) Alternate End Date: Sat,, August 18th (if 70 days worked) Estimated Pay Rate: $53.00 per day worked

Basic Eligibility:
* Age 18 to 35, and in college (undergraduate or graduate) or recent graduate.
* US citizen or legal resident.
* Enthusiasm for interacting with the public and children.

Skills Required:
* Ability to communicate well with the public in both English and Spanish.
* Ability to attend a 2 week intensive training to learn and study about the Chugach National Forest.
* Ability to learn techniques to interpret information about the Chugach National Forest and Alaska to the public.
* Ability to put together interpretive programs to present to the public in a variety of venues.
* Ability to work with other visitor center staff in a fast paced, team oriented, visitor center environment.
* Ability to assist with special events and to assist with other duties as assigned.

Other Information: * A Forest Service uniform will be provided for use during the summer for each intern.
* Housing is available in the bunkhouse in Portage Valley near the visitor center.
* Interns should bring clothing for cool, wet conditions, as well as shorts and t-shirts for sunny weather.
* The closest large grocery store is in Anchorage which is 55 miles away by road.
* After a defensive driving course is successfully completed, interns can to go to town once every 2 weeks for supplies