PhD opportunity in quantitative ecology at Rice

The Miller Lab at Rice University in Houston, TX is recruiting a PhD student to begin in Fall 2018. Research in the lab focuses on demography, dispersal, population dynamics, and species interactions, primarily in plant and insect systems. We blend theoretical and mathematical approaches with experiments in the field, greenhouse, and laboratory.
Learn more about our research here ( and about the Rice EEB graduate program here ( The successful student will be expected to develop independent PhD research in line with the themes of the lab. Preferred applicants will have research interests that may include plant population biology, mutualism/symbiosis, demographic modeling, theoretical ecology, and statistics. A Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Ecology, or related fields, including research experience, is required.

Graduate students and faculty in the Rice EEB program form an engaged, dynamic, supportive, and highly interactive community of scholars excited about ecological discovery. The lab, department, and institution value a diverse student body; students whose backgrounds are under-represented in STEM are particularly encouraged to apply.

For consideration, send a statement of interest and CV to before January 26, 2018.