Graduate Position: Applied Bacterial Genomics at CSU Monterey Bay

Graduate Masters Position in Applied Bacterial Genomics.

The bioinformatics and genomics-focused Jue lab ( at California State University, Monterey Bay is recruiting a graduate student (M.S. Environmental Science) position in applied microbial genomics. This position is part of a broader project to identify the genetic mechanisms used by bacteria to remediate pesticides from agricultural runoff and understand the metagenomic community dynamics that contribute to optimal remediation activity.
Prospective students should be interested in using genomics and bioinformatics to understand the functional genetic basis of complex phenotypes and/or how genetics can inform us on the ecological contexts for successful pesticide remediation. This position in our M.S. program starts Fall 2018. Please contact Dr. Nathaniel Jue ( for more information. A successful applicant will be passionate about functional and evolutionary genomics, interested in microbial genetics, and familiar with sterile technique and basic genetic lab techniques.
Experience with programming and statistics is also valued. Students working in the Jue lab get professional training in scientific computing, applied data science and advanced genomic lab techniques. Details about the M.S. program in Environmental Science at CSUMB can be found
here: Our program provides excellent training required to enter technical positions in industry (~30% of graduates) and government (~40% of graduates) or academia (~20% of graduates) with a 90% graduation rate. Through CSUMB membership in the NOAA Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, the Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Program
(CMP) provides additional opportunities for financial support for graduate studies leading to the Masters of Science degree at CSU Monterey Bay. Center research emphases include Coastal Resilience, Coastal Intelligence and Place-Based Conservation. Prospective students must be applying to the thesis track and must be interested in working in the priority areas of the CMP.
Please review the eligibility criteria and application instructions in the CMP graduate page
( and contact Dr. Jue if you have questions about it.
The Jue Lab celebrates having members from diverse backgrounds and training and encourages underrepresented and underserved groups to apply. The program application deadline is February 1.