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Duke University: AEOP summer undergraduate internship – Biomechanics of
Ultrafast Movements

The Patek Lab in the Biology Department at Duke University is recruiting
one undergraduate student researcher through the US Army Educational
Outreach Program (AEOP) during the summer of 2018. The student will
participate in projects examining fast, impulsive movements of organisms
in the natural environment. Possible focal systems for the project
are trap-jaw ants and ballistic plants and fungi. Responsibilities of
the student researchers may include collecting study organisms from
local habitats, obtaining high-speed videos of organisms, analyzing
high-speed videos using computer software, performing statistical
analyses and scientific writing. The details of responsibilities and
tasks will be determined based on mutual interests of the students and
the mentors. There are also possibilities for the students to develop
individual projects under our mentorship. Students in the URAP program
receive an educational stipend equivalent to $15 per hour, and are
allowed to work up to 300 hours total.

We are looking for motivated, reliable students who are excited about
having first-hand research experience at the intersection of biology
and physics. Previous experience performing the above-mentioned
tasks are not required. We especially value students who are
curious and hard-working. For more information about the Patek
Lab, please visit our website: http://secure-web.cisco.com/1FHaowH0WsRS6AjS6Sl8FeplvHQIRvMQ-Eidk34rjjUzKbcxRHST4QyIhfnkNVgIbmsNLlRPLSyzv1ooTs490bbiQk23YoHnRKc7yQXfTUMquRScWwdAJfC_07bEY8D_CME4nORlOzZudsIk4lAywdFrtBCJ-0un2ZmjAUA8pWESX8gw00MMXQ491S3yXQ8MVy2x8H_E_UY0VG4SrXWhcJmvLz7GN9tPK9nVosJhTaddKUx6mKbjXvYO1W1Xmn-DOqonbODipm4NiBoUf3Pw9NrfL0TnuVWGIegHWK1rlKik8l72iH_vbzV9p1m9g5OYZ4Qa-XDvHlXRq4nwymsguYyCXvX_U6mbVAt8YMRx2ofyPyWdfIBp35t6jBz3kzr2HeHvPkLemNVRJYI0SgDBZ8KIVY8LzJAY6HD1fauW7wKAAwMK3Ktec-DgPGljdidd4/http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thepateklab.org. For
more information about the URAP program see the AEOP website:

Application DEADLINE: Feb 28, 2018.

All applicants must submit transcripts, a resume, two letters of
recommendation, and must have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least
3.2. Applicants must also include a brief essay that explains their
interest in working with the Patek lab at Duke and how it relates to
their future goals. Generic statements will not be considered.

Please visit the URAP website:

Select “Apply” at the bottom of the page
?? Fill out the forms
?? At “Please select your 1st preference of URAP location,?? please
select “B453 Duke University”

Please direct questions to Postdoctoral Researcher Sarah Longo

“Sarah Longo, Ph.D.” <sarah.longo@duke.edu>