Graduate position: University of New Orleans. Drosophila genomics

Graduate positions (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) are available in the Atallah Lab ( in the Biological Sciences Department at the University of New Orleans (UNO). We are currently looking for students interested in working on the evolution of the early embryonic transcriptome in Drosophila species. Embryonic transcriptomes from diverse species can be readily compared due to similarities in embryonic stages. We are analyzing transcriptomes from different stages of early embryogenesis in flies. Students interested in this project should be prepared for molecular lab work, bioinformatic analysis and field collection of samples.
Interested students should send an email to¬†<>. Please include a brief description of your background (or a CV or resume), and mention why you’re excited about this project.
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Joel Atallah, Ph.D.
Assistant professor
202 Biology Building
Department of Biological Sciences
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70148
(504) 280-7057