Graduate position: ULouisiana.EvolutionaryBiol

Doctoral Fellowships available for entering Ph.D. students in
Environmental and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Louisiana

We will be awarding University of Louisiana and Board of Regents
Fellowships to qualified applicants entering the doctoral program in Fall
2018. UL Fellowships are awarded for 3-4 year terms and no teaching is
required in the first or last years, while BoR Fellows are funded for 4
years and have no formal teaching duties; fellows may qualify for Teaching
Assistantships following the completion of the fellowship term. Stipends
are up to $30,000 per year (plus a tuition waiver). Eligibility
requirements include US citizenship (or permanent residency) or a
prior degree from a US institution. Potential applicants are strongly
encouraged to directly contact prospective advisors. Faculty contact
information and research interests can be found at our departmental web
site ( More information about the graduate
program can be found atĀ

Scott C. FranceĀ
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Department of Biology
University of Louisiana at Lafayette