MS Assistantship: The effect of urban sprawl on bird diversity

One two-year MS assistantship is available starting in August 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Sara Gagné in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
A highly-motivated student is sought to pursue research that investigates the effect of urban sprawl on bird diversity. The student will make use of publicly-available datasets and published sprawl indices to investigate how avian community structure and composition respond to variation in urban form among landscapes at multiple spatial scales. The student’s research may also include the investigation of the effect of sprawl on the diversity of other taxa, depending on the availability and suitability of data.
Strong candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree with demonstrated research experience and coursework in ecology, environmental science, or biogeography. Candidates with demonstrated written and oral communication skills and strong academic credentials will be preferred. Successful candidates will also have GIS and remote sensing skills, a strong quantitative background, and a passion for biodiversity conservation in human-dominated landscapes.
The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences offers a Master in Earth Sciences program that includes courses in biogeography, spatial statistics and modeling, GIS and remote sensing, and urban planning. The successful candidate will be supported by a competitive teaching assistantship. Tuition remission is available for highly-qualified candidates. Charlotte is a diverse rapidly growing metropolitan area that boasts an extensive greenway system and lies within a half day’s drive of the spectacular Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains and stunning North Carolina and South Carolina saltmarshes and beaches.
Interested candidates should send, via email to Dr. Sara Gagné, (1) a cover letter outlining prior experience and research interests, (2) a CV, (3) GRE scores and GPAs from current and previous programs, and (4) the names and contact information of three referees.
More information about Dr. Sara Gagné’s research, the MS Earth Sciences program, and the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences can be found at:
Sara A. Gagné, PhD 
Associate Professor of Landscape Ecology
Earth Sciences Graduate Coordinator
UNC Charlotte | Dept. of Geography and Earth Sciences 
9201 University City Blvd. | Charlotte, NC 28223

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