Field Technicians: Threatened Ground Squirrel Research (Idaho)

Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Department of Fish & Wildlife Sciences, University of Idaho

Adams County, Idaho

Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions

$1600/month plus free field lodging

Start Date

Last Date to Apply

The northern Idaho ground squirrel (Urocitellus brunneus) is federally threatened under the ESA. We are conducting a series of field experiments to test the effectiveness of forest restoration treatments (thinning and
burning) as a management action to increase populations of northern Idaho ground squirrels. This is the 5th year of a 10-year project. We will have 2 field crews and have 2 field technician openings for the 2018 field season.
We will trap and mark 3 ground squirrel species (northern Idaho ground squirrels, Columbian ground squirrels, and yellow-pine chipmunks) with ear tags and PIT tags from April through August to document ground squirrel demographic responses to forest treatments. We will fit a subset of squirrels with radio-collars and geolocators so that we can track the squirrels to their hibernacula via radio-telemetry and document their daily activity and energy budgets. We will also conduct vegetation surveys to document the effects of the restoration treatments on vegetation composition and structure.
Field work will include long, physically demanding days in a beautiful mountain setting and may take place during all weather conditions (rain and snow in Apr/May, and heat in July/Aug). Some of the field sites are remote and the terrain steep and rugged. Field work may involve odd hours and variable scheduling to ensure we complete all field work on time.
Field lodging will be provided during the field season. The field housing will be relatively remote and rustic: a camp trailer or cabin. The field crew will coexist in close quarters. Successful applicants should be prepared to live without daily access to phone service and internet (one crew will live in a small town and the other will live ~45 minute drive from the nearest small town).

Minimum Qualifications:
*       Education: B.S. degree in Natural Resources, Ecology, Conservation
Biology, Environmental Science, or related field
*       At least 1 prior season conducting field work (wildlife or plants) in a
professional setting
*       Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team member
*       Excellent time and data management/organization skills
*       Must be detail-oriented and self-motivated
*       Must be in excellent physical condition and be able to traverse steep,
rugged terrain throughout the day and carry heavy equipment for up to 10 consecutive days
*       Must have a valid US driver’s license
*       Must be a US citizen or possess a valid US green card
*       Must be available for employment from approximately 16 April 2018 through
10 August 2018

Desirable Qualifications:
*       Experience trapping and handling wildlife
*       Experience living/camping in remote locations for extended periods

Employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a criminal background check and DMV driving records check.

Apply by sending a cover letter, resume, contact information for ≥3 references, and a copy of college transcripts (unofficial are OK) in a single PDF document to Austin Allison ( and Dr. Courtney Conway ( Please write “NIDGS Technician” in the subject line of the email. We will review applications as they arrive. The job will remain open until 21 January 2018 or until the positions are filled.