Graduate Student Opportunity in Plant Ecology

M.S. Opportunity in Plant Ecology – Texas State University

The research is located in the pine-juniper woodlands of New Mexico and will focus on the ecological consequences of the widespread pine mortality that has occurred in these ecosystems for over a decade. The student’s responsibility will be to investigate tree recruitment in plots where adult tree mortality has been experimentally manipulated. This involves following the survivorship and growth of mapped tree seedlings. The student is also encouraged to lead or participate in a stable-isotope labelling experiment to examine the effects of vegetation manipulation on hydraulic redistribution.

The student will be enrolled in the Population and Conservation Biology master’s program at Texas State University.

The successful candidate must have a background in plant science, be willing and able to do field work under physically challenging conditions and work well in teams. Prior experience in data collection, analysis and scientific writing are desirable. Minority students are especially encouraged to apply. If interested, please contact Dr. Susan Schwinning at and provide (1) a cover letter discussing research interests and relevant experience; (2) a resume or CV with three references and (3) unofficial transcripts.