Graduate positions in parasite ecology and community ecology in the Bernot Lab at Ball State University

The Bernot lab at Ball State University (
l) is recruiting motivated new graduate students to begin in the Fall of 2018. Work in the lab centers on the roles that parasites play in animal behavior and ecological community structure and function. We mix theory, field, and laboratory approaches to learn more about parasite diversity and how parasites shape host phenotype and species interactions. Recent work has used ecological stoichiometry as a framework better understand how parasites alter nutrient cycling and energy flow in aquatic ecosystems. New student projects will not be limited to only aquatic systems, but will address interesting questions that test or shape ecological theory. Graduate students will be supported through teaching assistantships (2 years MS and 4 years PhD). I am specifically recruiting students interested in working with parasites of crickets and grasshoppers or have an interest in mermithid nematodes or nematomorphs that infect any number of hosts. The preferred candidates will be individuals that enjoy reading, love field work, and play nicely with others. Students will be expected to develop their own projects within the scope of the lab, but topics are open. Please contact Dr. Randy Bernot (, for more information. Additional information about our graduate programs can be found here (
aspx) and here (
Ball State University is located in Muncie, Indiana and is within a short driving distance of Indianapolis, IN, Fort Wayne, IN, and Dayton, OH.
Deadline for full teaching assistantship consideration is January 31, 2018.