The Smith lab at Willamette University is soliciting applications for volunteers to participate in field research studying the pollination biology and
coevolution of Joshua trees (*Yucca brevifolia*) and yucca moths (genus *Tegeticula*) from mid March to mid April of 2018. Volunteers will assist in the completion of pollination experiments in a plant hybrid zone located in central Nevada, which will involve collecting flower and leaf tissue samples, installing pollinator exclusion cages over Joshua tree flowers, collecting moths, and sorting insects to species. 
All food and accommodation costs will be covered by the project. Travel within the United States will be paid by the project.  International travel costs may potentially be covered, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, participants traveling from outside the US must arrange travel documents and secure appropriate visas themselves. 
Participation will require living at a remote field camp continuously for approximately five weeks. Meals are communal, prepared in a small RV kitchen, and evenings are typically spent around the camp fire. Many past participants have returned for additional years, and many have used the experience gained on this project to secure other positions in agency, private conservation organizations, and graduate programs in ecology, evolution, and entomology.
However, prospective participants should be aware that conditions in the field are challenging. The field site has no running water. Apart from personal tents and walks in the desert there is little opportunity for personal space and time, and there are no cell phone/internet services at the field site. (Wifi and cell service are available in the nearest town, a 30-minute drive away). Daily temperatures may drop below freezing or exceed 90 F, and windstorms are very common. So, it is important that prospective volunteers be enthusiastic about living and working closely with others in challenging conditions. Volunteers should also be capable of hiking up to 6 miles per day while carrying heavy and awkward loads, and able to climb a 6’ ladder.

Prospective volunteers should submit a CV or resume, the name and contact information for one or more professional references, and a letter
describing their interest in the project by email to csmith@willamette.edu . There is no degree requirement, but a familiarity with and an interest in ecology and natural history are necessary. 
Please include the words ‘Volunteer Field Assistant’ in the subject line of your message. 
Screening of applicants will begin on January 15th, 2018, and continue until all positions are filled. 
More information about our research can be found here:
Christopher Irwin Smith
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Willamette University
Salem, OR 97301
ph: 503-370-6181
fax: 503-375-5425