Graduate position: PurdueU.GreatLakesFishAdaptation

A PhD position is available in lab of Mark Christie at Purdue University
for a highly-motivated candidate interested in local adaptation, larval
dispersal, conservation and population genetics in general. Similar to most
marine systems, many Great Lakes fishes have a miniscule, but highly
dispersive, pelagic larval stage that makes it challenging to directly
determine patterns of population connectivity. However, such knowledge is
critical for effective conservation and management efforts (e.g., MPA
design). One way to assess patterns of population connectivity is with
genetic methods.

For this position, the candidate should be interested working on a project
examining patterns of population connectivity and larval dispersal in Great
Lakes fishes. Previous research experience with molecular techniques,
computational work, statistics, bioinformatics, and assisting with the
design and implementation of experiments will be highly regarded. The
student will also be expected to interact regularly with Tomas Höök and
information about our labs and the graduate school can be found here:

If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact Mark Christie
( as soon as possible with a resume/CV and a brief
description of your research interests and experience. Formal applications
will be due to Purdue University by January 15th, 2018.

Mark Christie
Assistant Professor
Purdue University

Mark Christie <>