Botanical Research Assistants needed (Missouri)

JOB DESCRIPTION The Botanical Research Assistants will work as a crew assisting the Lead Botanist in the collection of data on several botanical/ecological research projects throughout Missouri and possibly other Midwestern states. Work will include vegetation sampling and rare plant surveys in a variety of habitats including woodlands, glades, prairies and wetlands. Each Botanical Research Assistant will be responsible for supervised data collection of species level plant identification within research plots and associated data organization and equipment management. Each position requires travel, some camping, and long hours hiking in some of the most remote, rugged and beautiful terrain in Missouri. The Botanical Research Assistants may also assist the Lead Botanist in an outdoor classroom setting, during plant identification workshops provided to resource professionals. The positions will entail four, 10 hour days per week, with some overtime. These positions are a great opportunity to learn the flora, and associated ecological underpinnings, of Missouri and the greater Midwest/Mid-South! The Botanical Research Assistants will gain extensive knowledge of regional flora and ecological communities, as well as hands-on experience with several ecological sampling methodologies. The positions will begin with two weeks of required field botany training beginning May 14. Please call or email if you have any questions. DURATION: May 14 – end of the sampling season (at least early August, but possibly into early October) APPLICANT: – Must have a preexisting predilection for self-guided botanical study. – Must have relevant course work and an unstoppable passion for botany and/or ecology. – Must enjoy long hikes in rugged terrain in exceedingly hot weather with a myriad of biting insects. – Must have an exceedingly robust scientific work ethic. – Should have experience identifying plants to species on site and via dichotomous key. – Must have valid driver’s license. PAY: $12.50/hour ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Housing will be provided for the duration of employment (likely based out of Van Buren, MO). ABOUT US: The Institute of Botanical Training (IBT) is a small company based out of Springfield, Missouri. We form contractual partnerships with various NGOs and state and federal agencies focused on botanical/ecological research as it correspond to various natural community management objectives. We maintain and encourage the highest levels of scientific accuracy and integrity. Our employees gain tremendous access to cutting edge field knowledge as it pertains to applied taxonomy and ecology. Our mission is “to promote the stewardship of our natural environment through field-based botanical services”. APPLICATION DEADLINE: These positions will remain open until filled EMAIL RÉSUMÉ AND COVER LETTER (as PDFs) TO: Justin Thomas ( Questions? Call Justin Thomas at 573-453-0087 or email at The Institute of Botanical Training, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer