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Title: 2 Funded PhD positions in Evolutionary Ecology at Auburn

2 Funded PhD positions beginning Fall 2018

The Wolak Research Group at Auburn University is looking for PhD
students that are motivated to develop projects addressing key
outstanding questions in evolutionary ecology. The group studies the
link between evolutionary change and ecological processes acting upon
variability among individuals in survival and reproduction and hence
population growth, persistence, and structure. We measure natural and
sexual selection, the quantitative genetic basis to trait variation, and
population demography to quantitatively predict ecological and
evolutionary dynamics. We also develop statistical methods and software.
Two potential projects include:

**Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics:** The student will develop and
test theory for the evolution of sexual size dimorphism using a
combination of simulation, artificial selection, experimental evolution,
and/or large scale mating designs with laboratory populations of seed
beetles (*Callosobruchus maculatus*). There will be opportunities to
collaborate with a postdoctoral research associate developing testable
theory on a complementary project.

**Evolutionary Ecology in Natural Populations:** This student will
conduct field work, analyses, and/or simulations to extend the
conceptual framework and state of empirical knowlege for the interplay
between mating system, population dynamics, and phenotypic selection. We
will use a population of diamondback terrapins (*Malaclemys terrapin*)
to characterize mating and reproductive biology, measure key demographic
parameters, and identify the form and magnitude of selection acting in
this population.

I encourage all interested students to contact me, by sending a CV and
*brief* description of research interests to
PhD students are expected to develop their own research questions within
the broader contexts outlined above. Students will also be expected to
aggressively pursue fellowship and research funding opportunities and
publish their research in high quality journals.

**Deadline** for admission to the program with guaranteed support (10
semesters of Graduate Teaching Assistantships, GTAs) is **February
1st**. Please **contact me immediately** to discuss the opportunity for
an **on-campus visit**. Summer Graduate Research Assistantships with Dr.
Wolak will be available for top applicants, otherwise students have the
opportunity to compete for a number of summer GTAs.  More information is
available on the webpages of the Dept. of Biological Sciences
( and DBS
Graduate Studies Program

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Matthew Wolak
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Auburn University
Auburn, AL

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