Graduate position in conservation ecology: Ohio University, Athens, OH

Graduate position in conservation ecology: Ohio University, Athens, OH
A masters position in conservation ecology is available starting August 15, 2018. The project will examine the effectiveness of wildlife mitigation measures installed following the construction of a highway, with a focus on migratory amphibians. This student will be in the Department of Biological Sciences at Ohio University, in the lab of Dr. Shawn Kuchta (
The construction of roads to accommodate faster transportation, and the increasing number of cars on roads, has had a serious impact on wildlife populations, especially as previously isolated regions are developed and made accessible to vehicular traffic. Organisms with migratory behavior, such as frogs and salamanders, frequently encounter roads during their movements to reach breeding, feeding, aestivation, or hibernation sites. Road mortality during amphibian migrations can be particularly high. Recently, a highway bypass was installed near Nelsonville, Ohio, including substantial investment in various mitigation measures. However, our studies have shown that the mitigations designed to facilitate amphibian migrations were not as successful as hoped, and thus new mitigations (ecopassages under the highway) will be install in the spring of 2018. This project is to evaluate the effectiveness and operation of these new mitigation measures. In addition, there is opportunity to design a second, independent project on road ecology. This project will be heavy on field work.
The student will be supported on a research grant for 1.5 years, and will work as teaching assistant for one semester.
The candidate should hold degree in biological sciences. Applicants must apply to the graduate program in Biological Sciences at Ohio University. Information about the application process can be found here:  The application process includes a cover letter, curriculum vitae, GRE scores, college transcripts, and other usual application materials.
Ohio University is located in Athens, a small college town along the Hocking River in southeast Ohio. Athens is commonly ranked among the best college town in the country. The landscape is hilly and forested, and the community includes a vibrate music and arts scene. Living costs are relatively affordable.
Send questions to Dr. Kuchta ( The closing date for application is January 8, 2018.