Masters assistantship in plant/soil interactions

Soil Ecology in the Pacific Northwest

I am seeking a Master of Science student for the Department of Environmental Sciences at Western Washington University. Research will focus on the plant response to soil biota in natural, disturbed and restored systems. Funding is available via TA-ship and tuition waiver.

Information about our lab can be found here:

There are several possible avenues for research projects. The two areas I am focusing in right now are (1) the function of mycorrhizal fungi and common mycorrhizal networks in ecological restoration and (2) the effects of mycorrhizae on host plants across stress gradients (e.g. pH, temperature, drought, invasion, etc.).

The duties of this position may include field sampling of plant roots and soil, growing plants in a greenhouse, processing plant and soil samples, microscope work, and analyzing different types of data. Requirements for admission and other information about the program can be found at:

Competitive candidates for this position will have a degree in environmental science or a related discipline, excellent written and oral communication, strong GRE scores, and evidence of previous research success.

Interested students should email a brief statement of their research interests, a resume, GRE scores, and (unofficial) transcripts to:

Rebecca Bunn
Associate Professor
Dept. of Environmental Sciences
Huxley College
Western Washington University
email: rebecca.bunn ‘at’

Deadline to apply to graduate school is February 1, 2018. I am in the field for the rest of the fall and will reply to queries after the first of the year.