Recruiting grad student: Conservation science, landscape ecology, Nicaragua

Professor Thomas Albright is recruiting a new graduate student in geography/ecology/conservation biology (funded initially by a teaching assistantship, with anticipated supplemental summer research assistantship support) for Fall 2018 at the University of Nevada, Reno (
I am in the process of returning from a Fulbright/sabbatical in Nicaragua, where colleagues and I are developing research in environmental change, conservation assessment, wintering bird habitat, and modeling. I am seeking a student interested in contributing to our research on this country located in the heart of the Mesoamerican Biodiversity Hotspot. Useful skillsets for this research include GIS, remote sensing, landscape ecology, wildlife/avian ecology, statistics, coding, and Spanish. While experience and coursework in any of these areas is helpful, enthusiasm for learning and applying these is more important!
Research in my lab (Laboratory for Conservation Biogeography; broadly addresses interactions between environmental change, plants and animals, and space. Most work uses a combination of remote sensing platforms, field data, GIS, spatial analysis, and statistical and mechanistic modeling, usually performed with coding (all this can be learned!). I can advise students in the Geography Masters and PhD programs ( and in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology PhD Program ( 
Initial funding will come from a TAship ($1600-$1,900 monthly stipend (depending on degree), tuition coverage, health plan); a proposal that would include supplemental summer research funding is in review. Life in Reno is very good with a moderate cost of living, a diverse population of 425,000, and many opportunities for culture and World-class outdoor recreation. We foster an environment that is supportive and diverse from multiple perspectives.
If you are interested, please send an e-mail [subject: “grad application”] to talbright [at] and attach a cv/resume and a 1-2-page letter letting me know your interests, goals, and key qualifications. Feel free to add unofficial transcripts too, if you’ve got them available. Please send me materials by 1 December, so I can provide feedback giving you time to submit a full application to the university by 15 January. While GRE scores will be a requirement for admission to our graduate programs, please do not hesitate to apply if your scores are not what you wish them to be, as these tend not to be good predictors of success.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
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