Graduate Assistantship in Forest Ecology

The School of Forest Resources, University of Maine

(, is seeking a highly motivated graduate

student (M.S. or Ph.D.) in Forest Ecology. The student would participate

in one of the following research areas:(1) Identifying factors ‒

including climate/weather parameters ‒ that best explain temporal

variability in stand-level productivity; (2) Examining forest stand

dynamics by means of long-term permanent plots and dendrochronology

methods; (3) Characterizing carbon and nitrogen dynamics of decaying

wood in a field decomposition experiment. This position provides funding

at approximately $19,000/year, 50% of health insurance paid, and a

tuition waiver. The ideal candidate would have solid quantitative

experience/aptitude and a demonstrated ability to conduct independent

research. High levels of intellectual curiosityand self-motivation are

essential. If interested, please send a CV attached to a message briefly

explaining your background and research interests to Dr. Shawn Fraver

( <>). Position open

until filled.

Shawn Fraver, PhD

5755 Nutting Hall

School of Forest Resources

University of Maine

Orono, ME 04469

(in association with the US Forest Service)

Phone: +1 (207) 581-2842