PhD Opportunity: Landscape/Agricultural Ecology at UC Santa Barbara

The Larsen Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara

( is seeking up to two motivated Ph.D students

interested in food systems and/or conservation to join the lab in Fall 2018.

Our lab studies land use and land use change as it relates to the provision

of ecosystem services (e.g. pest control, food provision) and disservices

(e.g. human disease, biodiversity loss), primarily in agricultural

landscapes and largely using data-driven approaches borrowed from

econometrics, landscape ecology, or conservation planning.=20=20

Candidates with interests in food systems, land use change, or spatial

ecology are encouraged to apply. Incoming Ph.D students will develop

research projects broadly related to ongoing work in the lab, but tailored

to the individual=92s skills and interests. Competitive applicants will have

prior experience, or substantial motivation to gain expertise, in GIS,

econometrics, statistics, economics, or other quantitative research

approaches. However, candidates with academic backgrounds in field or

interdisciplinary research methods are welcome.=20=20

Interested applicants would apply to UCSB=92s Bren School of Environmental

Science & Management. The Bren School ( is a highly

regarded interdisciplinary research program with exceptional faculty and

students across a spectrum of natural, physical, and social sciences.

Students are actively encouraged to develop interdisciplinary research

projects and (disciplinary or multidisciplinary) collaborations with

researchers in Bren and in other top programs including Geography and

Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology.=20

If interested, please send a current CV with GPA, relevant coursework &

research experiences, and a short statement describing your research

interests to Ashley Larsen ( Applications are due

December 15, 2017. Students with diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged

to apply.=20