PhD Opportunities at Boston University

<p>Boston UniverCity NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) Program<br> Apply for Fall 2018 Admission</p>

<p>The Boston UniverCity NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) Program solicits applications for Fall 2018 admission. The Boston UniverCity program trains PhD students to tackle=20 urban environmental challenges through interdisciplinary instruction in Biogeoscience, Environmental Health, City Governance, field methods, data analysis, and science communication.</p>

Program features:


<li>Training for diverse careers in academia, government agencies, non-governmental organization, and the private sector</li> <li>Open to PhD students in Biology, Earth & Environment, Environmental Health, and=20 related fields</li> <li>Research partnerships with city governments, non-governmental organization, and the=20 private sector</li> <li>Training in science communication through writing of editorials, making of short films,=20 and interactions with the public</li> <li>Guaranteed support for five years for tuition and stipend</li> </ul>

<p>For admission, please apply to the Boston University graduate program of your choice=20 (e.g. Biology, Earth & Environment, Environmental Health) and identify Boston UniverCity=20 NRT in your Statement of Purpose. Prospective students should also contact potential PhD=20 advisers directly. Students from diverse backgrounds and those traditionally underrepresented in environmental fields are especially encouraged to apply.</p>

<p>Questions? Contact the Boston UniverCity Program Director, Dr. Pamela Templer, at=20¬†¬†with the subject of your message equal to NRT Questions.</p> <p>———————————————————<br>

Pamela Templer, PhD <br>

Professor of Biology<br>

Director, PhD Program in Biogeoscience</p>

<p>Boston University<br>

Boston, MA 02215<br>

5 Cummington Mall<br><br></p>